Acolyte Responsibilities

  1. Arrive early to prepare for The Divine Service.  Most Sundays you'll wear a black cassock with a white surplus on top. These are located in the Treasurer's Office.  On Reformation, Pentecost, and other festival Sundays you'll wear a red cassock.
  2. Prepare for Worship.  Pickup the wand in the AV room and join pastor and the serving deacon for prayer.
  3. Light Candles.  Pastor or the deacon will light the wick in your wand prior to your entering the sanctuary.  Make sure the wick is far enough out, so that it is not extinguished or the flame is too big.  Once you reach the chancel, bow, facing the altar, light the right candle and then the left.  If there is a Christ candle in the middle, light it last. To extinguish the candles, go in reverse order.
  4. Give and collect offering plates to the ushers.
  5. Participate in worship.  Pastor may ask you to advance the slides, using his iPhone.  Dress appropriately for worship, knowing that your legs extend beyond the bottom of the cassock.
  6. After The Divine Service is over, return the wand to its stand and your cassock/surplus to the the closet.
  7. On Festival Sundays you may be asked to be a crucifer.  This means carrying the processional cross into and out of the sanctuary.