The Christian Life

The Christian life begins with Jesus.  Whence comes Jesus?  Through His Word and Sacraments in The Divine Service he continues to give himself fully to His people, bringing the gift of the cross and resurrection to us by the effective power of The Holy Spirit.  Education–studying his Word together corporately and privately along with the confessional documents that interpret it–build us up as The Body of Christ.  Having received Jesus in these ways, God's people share life together through fellowship.  The great moments in life are celebrated together, the low points are shared together as we care for each other, and the mundane is celebrated as part of our vocations.  These internal, nurturing activities then turn outward in service to others–caring for people in body, soul, and spirit.  Ultimately, the Divine Service, education, fellowship, and service prepare us to speak Jesus into the lives of the people with whom we shares ourselves in our various vocations–in the congregation, in our home, at work, and in our neighborhoods.