November – Fred Abel, Scott Weaver

December – Don Kummer, Steve Bordas, George Butler

January – John & Mary Beth Rigby, Don Kummer 

February – Tom Fuesler, Mark Wahlberg

March – Scott & Sharon Weaver, Don Kummer

April – Tracy Clarke, Don Kummer

May – Fred Abel, John & Mary Beth Rigby

June – Don Kummer, Steve Bordas, George Butler

July – Tom Fuesler, Mark Wahlberg

August – Tracy Clarke, Don Kummer

September – Scott & Sharon Weaver, Don Kummer

October – Tracy Clarke, Don Kummer


Jody Bacher, Vincent Baronio, Tom Crawford


  1. Come at least 15 minutes before service to hand out bulletins (when used)
  2. Check that the attendance booklets are stacked next to each end pew in the center and next to the first pews on the sides (8 for each of the main pews and 5 for each of the side pews and one pad on the organ console)
  3. To reduce the noise in the sanctuary, keep the doors closed to the Sanctuary closed, opening them to allow people to enter or leave prior to the service.
  4. Approximately 15 minutes after the service has begun, lock the front door to the church.
  5. During the sermon, the usher on the left side of the church (nearest the electrical breaker box) will turn out the lights above the choir (breakers 10 & 20).  When the sermon has ended, the lights are turned back on.
  6. Count everyone in attendance in the sanctuary and the narthex and list the numbers on the attendance sheet.  Place the completed sheet on the desk in the church office.
  7. Offering:
    1. Both users proceed up the main aisle, passing out the attendance books to each pew, including the pews on the sides.  Then return to the altar , bow to the acolyte and collect the plates.  Bow again; hand one plate to the first person in the center pew and proceed to the side pew.  When the sides are don, return to the center pews and complete the collection.
    2. When both sides have finished, place any prayer cards on top of one of the plates, go to the altar, bow and hand the plates to the acolyte.  Return to the back of the sanctuary.
  8. Communion:
    1. After the consecration both users proceed to the altar and receive communion.  When dismissed, proceed to the two side pews.
    2. After the choir has communed, allow a maximum of 10 people for each table (including children).  When in doubt, err on a lesser number and be aware of any special needs (e.g. wheelchairs, walkers, etc.)
    3. Try not to break up sitting families and substitute others around them, when appropriate.
  9. When the service has concluded, collect all attendance books and any other material (which is to be discarded) which may have been left in the pews (e.g. bulletins, children's handouts, etc.).  Attendance sheets are removed from the fellowship books and left on the desk in the church office.The books are returned to their original stacks.
  10. When everyone has left the sanctuary, close the doors and turn off the lights.

If you know in advance that you will not be able to serve on a particular Sunday, please contact one of the back-ups to substitute for you.  If that does not work, please contact Administrator for Worship, Kristin Baronio (contact office for her contact information).