My recent experience at Thomas Jefferson Hospital for Neuroscience led me to think about vulnerability and assuaging that feeling.  I felt totally vulnerable throughout my time there, from the moment I sat on the gurney to the moment I walked out the door.  Yet, I was never scared.  How did this happen, I have thought.  It happened because of the amazing, personal care I received, from my neurosurgeon coming to speak with me (using my first name) in the pre-op room to the smiling, young custodian the following morning greeting me as he emptied the trash can.  The whole team, from neurosurgeon to custodian, was focused on caring for me.  I have NOTHING bad to say about my experience at TJHN.  

It’s led me to think, what do people experience, when they encounter us—either individually or at church?  Once people know we are Christian, others likely “feel” something akin to vulnerable.  How do we respond?  Hopefully, we emulate something approximating TJHN, making people the focus and recognizing their position of vulnerability with attentiveness, compassion, and love.  In doing so, we are more likely to gain their ears and hearts for excellent outcomes—total healing in Jesus.